VeryGoodChoice Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis

Details : VeryGoodChoice is an advanced program for doing comparison and analysis of solutions regarding criteria. It is used in various professional context to make the right decision at the right time. Each time you need to compare alternatives, you can use VeryGoodChoice which is powered by a scientific algorithm. This algorithm reproduce the real world decision in a way you don’t have to care about complexity. You just need to score the alternatives you want to compare regardless of any maths formulas, and VeryGoodChoice does it for you.
Packaged as an Excel Add-In, it implements a very powerfull decision analysis method that allow you to clearly sort and rate solution from the worst to the best. You can use it without limits of time. Professionals used to decide with VeryGoodChoice in various context, although its packaging allow you to use it for daily choice and decision making. You can try it for free for car selection, employee hiring, job comparison, investment decision, financial decision, …
Size : 51 Mo
Type : xls Addin
Author : MVLsoft
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Web site : MVLsoft VeryGoodChoice Addin website